Saturday, August 16, 10:00 – 11:30am: Open House

Open Houses offer an opportunity to meet our faculty, see our students’ work, tour our school buildings, and learn more about Waldorf education.

Please contact Robyn Coe with any questions at ext. 106 or

Wednesday, September 3: First Day of Elementary School & Family Picnic at Noon

First day of Elementary School, Half Day, Noon Dismissal

Family Picnic at noon for the Elementary School students and their families, come together for the first social event of the school year!

What to bring: Each family can bring their own picnic lunch. All parents, excluding 1st grade, bring a dessert, fruit, or finger foods to share with everyone. Desserts will go on a group table and be “unveiled” after everyone’s had a chance to eat.

What to do: Arrive at 11:50 before the picnic begins with your picnic lunch, dessert, utensils, blanket or beach towels. (Send them with your child if you’re not attending.) Join in the circle with the school children for the blessing. Enjoy the picnic. Please use the recycle bins. Please help clean up

What else? All children are to be under the supervision of their families during the picnic. Your support of the people organizing the picnic will be appreciated. Remember to label your serving items and take them home.

Monday, September 8: First Day of Early Childhood & Picnic

Monday, September 8, 2014, 11 a.m.
GBRSS – Early Childhood Building
Great Barrington, MA

The first school morning for Early Childhood is Monday, September 13th from 11:00 to 12:00 followed by a potluck picnic. Parents are invited to accompany their child for this short morning. Please bring a main dish, salad, dessert or drinks to share. You will also want to bring a blanket, plates, cups and utensils for your family. We hope the sun will shine on this warm gathering of new and returning friends

Summer @ Steiner

Summer @ Steiner, Great Barrington, MA

More pictures from Summer @ Steiner

Friday, May 9, 8:15 – 11:30am: Grandparents and Special Friends Day

On Friday, May 9th from 8:15-11:30am, we will welcome grandparents and “honorary grandparents” to our school for a brief peek into the life of a Waldorf student, as visitors join the children for Main Lesson and a Special Subject class. Refreshments will be served in the library to provide sustenance to our visitors.

Invitations were mailed to those whose addresses were given to the Development Office, and are also available to view on our website’s main page under Upcoming Events.

If anyone would like to still invite someone to the day, please tell Jenna Lamond in the Development Office at 413-528-4015 ext. 104 or . It is important we have RSVPs for the event so we can welcome our visitors in a streamlined fashion, and have enough food on hand!

Thursday, May 15, 11am & Friday, May 16, 9am: 7th Grade presents “A Smidgen, a Snippet, a Wee Bit of Shakespeare”

“A Smidgen, a Snippet, a Wee Bit of Shakespeare” –
Tragedy and Comedy abridged by the 7th grade;
Julius Caesar and The Taming of the Shrew” will be performed on Thursday, May 15 at 11 am. and Friday, May 16 at 9 am.

Friday, May 23: 5th Grade Olympiad

Once again our fifth graders will take part in a Greek Olympiad as part of their studies of ancient Greece. The students will be dressed in white tunics as they compete in the events of the pentathlon; running, wrestling, discus, javelin and long jump.

Students from five other Waldorf schools will join us. Festivities take place on Friday, May 23rd and begin at 10:00 with artistic presentations from all the schools followed by the athletic events. The day ends at 3:00.

Taking part in the ancient Greek Olympics is often a highlight in the fifth grade year.

GBRSS Spring 2014 Newsletter

Friday, May 30 & Saturday, May 31, 7pm: PA Movie Nights: ‘The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner”

PA Movie Nights: ‘The Challenge Of Rudolf Steiner’, Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st, 7 pm, Main Building Auditorium and Library

It’s not the latest blockbuster, and there’s no foul language or car chases, but we know you still want to join us to see a fascinating documentary about the life and work of Rudolf Steiner.

This 2011 movie is highly recommended, beautifully produced and very accessible for those wishing to understand more about the bigger picture of Waldorf Education and why we are all here! The film has two distinct parts that we will screen over two nights; you can watch either or both as the two parts can stand on their own.

“For those fortunate enough to encounter them, the unique insights and research of Rudolf Steiner into subjects such as education, medicine and agriculture have long been a source of wonder and inspiration. Since his death in 1925, Steiner’s vision has grown in both relevance and urgency, yet there are many people still unaware of his life and work. The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner, from the British film-maker Jonathan Stedall, aims to take the story to a wider audience.”

Stay tuned for info on a possible tie-in Babysitting fundraiser at the High School on one of these nights

Running time for Part 1: 1:30; Part 2: 1:45

Wednesday, June 4, 8:15 – 10:00am: 8th Grade Portfolio Exhibit

All parents are invited. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the work of our soon-to-be graduates. Each eighth grade student displays his/her main lesson books, reports, art work, handwork and wood work projects from their recent years at Steiner.

Each class goes to see this display but we encourage parents of all grades to visit as it serves as an excellent visual of what is ahead for your child in grade 8. It is also a great opportunity to congratulate our 8th graders on their fine work.