Fay Lee Thung, Class of 2009 (Mr. Sansone)

Fay Lee Thung, Mr. Sansone’s Class of 2009

Fay Lee was enrolled in the very first parent/toddler class at GBRSS and has spent a total of eleven years at our school. In her freshman year at Monument Mountain Regional High School she enjoyed a smooth transition to all honors classes, feeling well prepared and harmonizing easily with new teachers and fellow students. Presently, as a junior , Fay Lee has had the pleasure of performing yearly with Shakespeare and Company’s Fall Festival and the Berkshire Pulse spring dance performances. She is an active member of the National Honors Society and sits on the MMRHS senate.

Fay Lee’s enterprising spirit, that we’d like to say we’ve nurtured since she was a toddler, has helped her to initiate a fundraising dance party raising $1,000 for Haiti Relief in conjunction with Railroad Street Youth Project and the Berkshire Pulse. Fay Lee has been accepted and is looking forward to attending Boston University Summer Theater Institute for five weeks this summer. These varied accomplishments grew from the foundation of confidence, gratitude, compassion and the love of learning that GBRSS instills.